green Story

Our Green Story

Our Green Story

We have been aware of sustainability and environmental issues since the inception of our farm diversification into glamping accommodation with Foot of the Downs.


We are currently undergoing assessment for a Green tourism award which will help us to continue to be as sustainable as possible.


These are the steps that we are currently taking:


  • An EV car charging point in the car park for guests to use
  • Separate recycling and waste
  • Use refillable toiletries and condiments
  • Use Eco friendly and sustainable cleaning products and toiletries, including Bio –D, Ecover and faith in Nature.
  • Buy local produce as such as possible
  • Motion sensored lights in car park and on path
  • Solar lights on path
  • LED lights inside accommodation
  • All accommodation is highly insulated and has double glazing
  • Encouraging nature having put up bird boxes, bat boxes, planted sunflowers
  • No mow areas around the site
  • Planted 100 metres of hedgeline
  • Use wood chips from felled trees on the farm, on outside areas around accommodation
  • Seats made from felled tress for seating around the firepits.



Our Environmental Policy

Foot of the Downs is situated in the South Downs National Park, an area of outstanding natural beauty and we are committed to being as environmentally friendly as possible. To help us on this journey, we are currently working towards a Green Tourism accreditation, please check back soon to see how we get on!

We would like our guests to enjoy the wonderful landscapes and wildlife around us, while making as small an impact on the environment as possible.

We will do this by:

  • Complying with all relevant environmental regulations and legislation.
  • Reducing our consumption of resources including energy, water, and other raw materials, and improving the efficient use of the any resources we do consume.
  • Ensuring the environmental, social, and ethical impacts of the goods and services we buy are considered.
  • Working with our suppliers to reduce the impact of our supply chain and to encourage them to develop environmental best practice.
  • Managing waste generated from our business and actively seeking waste minimisation, re-use, recovery, and recycling opportunities in accordance with the waste hierarchy.
  • Regularly reviewing the impact of our business activities on the environment, local community, and wider society.
  • Measuring and taking action to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with our business activities.
  • Supporting social and environmental projects and initiatives within our community or in wider society.

Angela Ellin

Foot of the Downs Manager

Reviewed: November 2022

This policy will be reviewed regularly to evaluate its continued relevance and to monitor our progress.


Green Visitor Charter

We are striving to be as environmentally friendly as possible and would like your help while you are staying with us.  The following are some ideas on how you can help:

Conserve Energy

  • Please switch off lights and electrical equipment when not in use.
  • Close windows and doors if heating is on.
  • The Energy Saving Trust provides information on how to save energy at home ad on holiday. Visit for more advice.


Be Water Wise

  • Only boil the amount of water you need when using the kettle.
  • Turn off the tap while brushing teeth and washing.


 Shop Local

  • Buy local products, they give you a flavour of the local area and help support our local communities.
  • We have some fantastic producers of food, drink and arts and crafts. Please find more information in your welcome book in your accommodation.


Give the car a rest

  • Leave the car behind or at least limit the use of it, if only for a day.   Our area provides plenty of walking and hiking and cycling opportunities nearby.

Reduce, Re-use and Recycle

  • Try to avoid overly packaged goods and say no to that extra carrier bag.
  • Please separate your rubbish and use the large recycling bin in the car park.

Respect nature

  • Help us to look after the landscape and wildlife by not littering, guarding against fire and using footpaths and cycle-ways responsibly.Ensure you follow the Countryside Code

Support Green Businesses

  •  This is the go-to standard for sustainability, look out for the symbol and please support those businesses that are working to reduce their carbon footprint. Please visit for more information.